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Faster, reliable, and strong infrastructure delivery

At RavSam, from day one, our utmost priority has been infrastructure automation. In this fast-paced world, we need our business to thrive and be a standard for other businesses to follow. DevOps present a great opportunity to maintain infrastructure, secure customer data, release new product features and much more. It is the way of automating things that take guesswork and humans out of the process.

The main aim of DevOps is to streamline every business process and reduce the error rate of the entire system. DevOps can help your company fasten its internal processes and continuously deliver more reliable, secure, and scalable digital products and platforms.

Our developers can help you by automating environment provisioning, configurations, testing, monitoring, and software deployments with the best technologies available in the market. The result is faster, responsible, and efficient market delivery of your digital product.

Why Invest in DevOps Automation?

Faster Time to Market

Speed up the time to market and stay ahead of the competition to achieve faster ROI through a continuous delivery approach.


Improve Reliability & Resiliency

Create stable, secure and highly resilient architecture, engineering, and deployment practices for all digital apps to drive efficiency and elasticity.


Improve Team Productity

Eliminate manual work, bring accountability, improve engineering productivity, and automate best practices for all teams.


Reduce Risks

With frequent deployments, and early identification of quality concerns reduce the risk of defects and possible human errors.


What we can build for you on the web

Cloud & DevOps Strategy

Cloud Architecture

Infrastructure Automation

CI/CD Automation

Virtual Private Server

Kubernetes & Containers

Cloud Migration

Cloud & DevOps


IoT Analytics

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Our Technology Stack

Google Apps Script
Github Actions
Digital Ocean


Automated Software Release using GitHub Actions

We have automated the way software is versioned and released using Github Actions. Our automated release process includes generation of changelog, next version, release notes and notifications.

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