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We take pride in our work. Over the years, we have designed apps that run on Web and Mobile. Here are some of our favorite works that challenged our team to do better.

Product Website for GTK developed by RavSam Web Solutions

Product Website for GTK

GTK is the UI toolkit used by the Linux developers to design Linux apps. GNOME reached out to us to upgrade their website design in such a way that it caters to the needs of the developers. We used Jekyll and Gitlab to implement a website maintained by the Open Source community.

Flutter App for Farmers Connect developed by RavSam Web Solutions

Flutter App for Farmers Connect

Organic Farmers Connect reached out to RavSam for a platform where we can bring all the Organic Product sellers from around the country as one. We designed a Flutter App for them where sellers can showcase their products and interested buyers can call the sellers directly.

Issue Tracker App developed by RavSam Web Solutions

Issue Tracker App

We integrated an Issue Tracker on the GTK website. We connected it to the GTK's Gitlab project and used it's feed to create a visually appealing dashboard for tracking the issues in the project.

Android and iOS App for Brandcares developed by RavSam Web Solutions

Android and iOS App for Brandcares

We converted the Brandcares's web dashboard into an Android app and an iOS app. They use the app to detect product infringements. The app allows its users and clients to report and solve the detected infringements under their fingerprints.

E-Commerce Website for Globiz developed by RavSam Web Solutions

E-Commerce Website for Globiz

We designed an exclusive website for Globiz Multitrade. They sell their products through affiliate marketing. So we set up a website for them to manage their customers, and products interactively.

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