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Great Tools for Running a Tech Startup

Ravgeet Dhillon

Ravgeet Dhillon

Updated on Apr 16, 2022 in Businesses And Startups

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To run a successful tech company, you need to use the right tools to bring success to yourself and your customers. We often get asked by our customers and developers about the tools we use at RavSam.

In this blog, you’ll learn about some of the best tools to increase team productivity within the organization.


1. Send with Us

Preview of Send with Us

Every company does email marketing. It is a great way to reach out to your customers and leads. But how do you ensure that your email template is responsive and optimized for all screens? Send with Us is a great service by It allows you to build email design, templates, and AMP emails as well.

Check out Send with Us.

2. Loom

Preview of Loom

Loom is a great product that allows you to record video messages on your screen, camera, or both at the same time. It can be hugely beneficial when you have to send a report to a customer. You can record yourself explaining the report metrics which allows the customer to understand them better.

Check out Loom

3. Typeform

Preview of Typeform

Typeform is one of the best services in the world for building forms and surveys in no time. Good-looking forms keep the audience engaged. You get more thoughtful responses and higher completion rates. The best part is that even a non-developer team member can easily create forms on their own.

Check out Typeform.

4. Zapier

Preview of Zapier

Zapier allows you to connect apps and create automation workflows by sending data from one endpoint to the other. It allows you to create a Zap in the form of a trigger, condition, and action.

Check out Zapier.

5. Intercom

Preview of Intercom

Intercom is more than just a chat widget. It’s a full customer service suite that can be integrated into any digital product you want. It aims to give customers a conversational experience they’ll remember and come back for.

Check out Intercom.

6. Slack

Preview of Slack

There is no life without Slack. It is not only great for internal organizational communication, but also for building bots, which can be used to automate processes and do a lot of other cool stuff.

Check out Slack.

7. Google Apps Script

Preview of Google Apps Script

Google Apps Script is a Javascript-based development platform that allows you to connect apps that integrate with Google Workspace(formerly G-Suite). As a developer, you don’t have to deal with access keys and tokens as authentication is baked right into the platform. We use Google Apps Scripts extensively to automate customer-related and internal processes at RavSam.

Check out Google Apps Script.

8. Promo

Promo is an online video maker that gives you everything you need to make high-performing videos that will boost your business. It comes with ready to use templates for any kinds of business types and it fits all types of contents. With Promo, you can also make video advertisements freely and easily. Promo helps you to promote your business or products, improves brand awareness, widen your reach, and engage your customers.

Check out Promo.


You can achieve even more profit by connecting these tools. For example, we can create a Slack bot that creates a Typeform and send it to your customers via Send with Us. Such workflows can be designed using Zapier or Google Apps Script.


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Ravgeet Dhillon

Ravgeet is a Co-Founder and Developer at RavSam. He helps startups, businesses, open-source organizations with Digital Product Development and Technical Content Writing. He is a fan of Jamstack and likes to work with React, Vue, Flutter, Strapi, Node, Laravel and Python. He loves to play outdoor sports and cycles every day.


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